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biographer. >> the woman in tampa appeal to her friend, who was an fbi investigator. an associate said the e-mails warned kelly to stay away from petraeus. there is no evidence of a crime, no breach of intelligence, and no risk to national security. for that reason, he says the white house and members of congress were not notified until election day. the director national intelligence was informed. >> one thing lawmakers will look into is when did the fbi know what, why did they not tell everyone involved, and why were members of congress not part of the process? >> it will be the focus of a meeting on instead between congressional intelligence committee leaders and officials with the fbi and cia. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> david petraeus was scheduled to testify at a thursday hearing on the benghazi attack. now a deputy director will testify in his place. some lawmakers say that at some point they will need to hear from david petraeus. >> now involved is the twin sister of a woman at the center of the story. jayne miller has more on the story for us. >> the story still has a long way to go to completely unfold. in montgomery county, the twin sister of the woman who got the fbi interested in petraeus' saliva is being sued for $100,000 in unpaid bills. >> 37-year-old phil kelly, described as a volunteer and special liaison to the military,
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is identified as the woman who put the fbi on the trail of petraeus. paula broadwell is the woman with whom petraeus was allegedly having an affair. petraeus resigned on friday. jill kelly lives with her husband, dr., and her twin sister, who shares the same house. the twin is pictured here to the left of petraeus, her arm draped around him. natalie is currently being sued in the demme county for failing to pay her lawyers the in a divorce case. a lawyer familiar with the case but the amount of the unpaid debt at $100,000. according to the lawyer, sister jill discouraged talk of any settlement. the case has been on the court docket for nearly a year and a half. it stalled in april when natalie filed for bankruptcy. according to the bankruptcy filing, natalie's bankruptcy problems are steep.
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she owes $3.20 million in unpaid debt plus $53,000 he owes the irs. her twin, jill, has not commented publicly on the contents of the e-mail she received. >> be sure to stay tuned to tv 114 nightly news with brian williams who will have further details on the resignation of cia director david petraeus. new tonight, baltimore city police officer is suspended after a complaint of alleged sexual misconduct with an 18- year-old female. the commissioner tells us there is a criminal an internal investigation. stay tuned to wbal-tv 11 news tonight and keep an eye on for updates. >> gunfire outside a howard county taco bell ended up with
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the manager hospitalized in critical condition. police are still searching for two suspects. lowell melser is live at police headquarters in ellicott city with the latest. >> police are not saying much, simply because the public information office here in ellicott city is closed because of the veterans day holiday. we did speak to a number of employees who identified the victim as 30-year-old gary graham. they say he has two children. police say he is in critical condition tonight at shock trauma. business as usual monday afternoon at the taco bell in colombia, little than 24 hours after a manager who employees identified as 30-year-old gary graham, was shot in the restaurant parking lot. police will not confirm the victim's name. police said around 12:50 sunday morning, the victim was confronted by two men outside the store and began shooting at him.
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the victim was struck several times and manage to make it into the taco bell, where employees called 911. at the exxon gas station across the parking lot, mohammed said graham was a regular in the store and right before he was shot, he purchased something in the store and was confronted when he left. >> somewhere in the parking lot they grabbed him and they shot him. that is all we heard. >> he also handed over surveillance camera footage which police hope will give them were clues to what they called a highly unusual incident. >> it is very rare that someone like this would happen here. i have been here 12 years and we have had no incidents. to hear something like this so close by is very uncommon in very unusual, and kind of alarming, too. >> in a news release, police said the motive is unknown and
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that the investigation is ongoing. again, they are still looking for two male individuals. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a man is in critical condition tonight after being shot in north baltimore. authorities say that down the victim lying unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head. at this hour, no word on a suspect or possible motive. it took dozens of firefighters at least 20 pieces of equipment to contain a serious fire in anne arundel county this morning. flames spark just before 2:00 this morning. people inside the home were able to escape without injury. >> we have live team coverage on how close officials are to be preparing to water main breaks and how it impacts the surrounding areas.
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rob roblin is live in mount vernon. >> it was a 30-inch main that broke here. you can see behind me the water has been turned off and crews are getting ready is to get down to the pipe itself that is broken. meanwhile, in this community there are 20 buildings in the 800 block of north calvert without water. >> i went in to make coffee and to wash my hands and i saw there was no water pressure. i had no idea there was a water main break. this is pretty crazy. >> lots of folks around madison had to go without water this morning after a 30-inch main broke, flooding the area. >> baltimore is going to be under water if they keep this up. they need to deal with it.
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>> last week's break on charles street was a 60-inch water distribution maine. this one is half the size, but it is still expected to calls lots of problems. >> this is a major break. could affect several facilities. when we had the 60-inch, that was a distribution main, so very little of the businesses were impacted, but this is a 30-inch, and it could have a significant impact. >> cars parked in a parking lot next to the break had to be moved quickly to keep from being flooded. meanwhile, crews were turning off valves leading many without water. >> barry simms is in rosedale,
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where there was another water main break. >> that is right, we talked with the department of public works earlier today and they tell us their crews have been busy handling on average three water main breaks the day. five of them happen it today. we are here in the 8800 block of philadelphia wrote in rosedale. neighbors say this break happened between 12:00 and 12:30 this afternoon. dpw says it is a 16-inch main that broke. franklin square medical center was impacted. the hospital had low water pressure and restricted drinking water as a result. to the college of baltimore county in essex canceled classes. students received the news by text message and e-mail.
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>> when you go in the bathroom, the water was not working. school was canceled. >> the water at the community college is back on this evening. we are told that 60 homes and 15 businesses still have no water. dpw hopes to have this break fixed overnight. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> people across the country are commemorating veterans day. >> that includes baltimore city. we'll have details on the third annual parade that honors those who have served. >> a rejuvenated defense, ahead in sports. >> only 30's in central ohio, and that cold front is moving in our direction. right now, 64 at the
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>> it was a great day for parade, and men, women, and children gathered to remember a veterans' today. >> included buffalo soldiers and members of the rotc. those who fought in wars past said they were pleased with today's turnout and enjoyed reminiscing with other veterans. >> is good to just reminisce and
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think of all the ones that did not make it back. >> it is me a good feeling inside to know that people still remember. x just very proud of everyone who has served and our guys overseas. i am just out you are supporting them as well. >> the parade ended at war memorial plaza. according to the 2010 census, 1.7 million veterans are younger than 35. 9 million are older than 65. find more veterans day facts on and you can see restaurant serving free meals to veterans. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 12 days of november, the normal high temperature is in the 50's. 78 was the record high back in
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1879, but a 69-degree day, way above the average high of 58. morning low was close to normal, but it will turn chillier. these are current temperatures around the eastern half of the united states. it is warm all the way up to burlington, vermont, where it is 66 degrees. chicago is 34, 27 degrees in green bay this afternoon. all that cold is -- this line of showers down through pittsburg, pushing into the mounds of west virginia. closely because it is possible the cold air kedge is up-to-the-minute could cause a little wet snow. we are on the warm side of the approaching front and that is where will stay for the next few hours. the rain chances will increase after midnight as a line of
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shower starts to approach. snow is indicated on the computer model out in garrett county. the cold on the western side of this might generate old mountain snow. chars overnight and in the early morning hours -- showers overnight and then the skies will clear up until lunchtime. lots of sunshine during the day on wednesday. it is cold enough, the snow could accumulate about an inch or so in parts of garrett county. once the front moves by, strong high-pressure is back behind that front. it looks like we will enjoy a a day or so of some nice, sunny weather. sunshine tomorrow afternoon into wednesday. thursday a storm down to the south of us and some cloud cover but we will see a little bit of cloud cover. 45-50 tonight as the showers
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move inland marl, highs only in the low 50's. the northwest wind will be dragging in lower temperatures. small craft a advisory and 2-3 foot waves on the open waters of the bay. highs only in the 30's tomorrow, staying in the 30's even with a lot of sunshine on wednesday. showers tomorrow, clearing out later in the day and then a sunny and chilly wednesday. sunshine for wednesday but winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. 20% chance of a shower on the eastern shore friday. a mix of cloud and son to start the weekend and maybe some rain will wrap up the weekend on sunday. >> this is 11 sports. >> john harbaugh calls this his favored week of the year,
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steelers week. this is the first of two in the next three weeks. after yesterday's demolition of oakland, the ravens are in position to travel with a lot of momentum. 55. at home yesterday. joe flacco found his tight end on the receiving end of one of his three touchdown passes. 13 carries for ray rice, 35 yards, one touchdown. when ray rice runs for a touchdown, the ravens usually win. torrey smith had two touchdowns. john harbaugh hoaxes offensive confidence makes the road trip to pittsburg. >> i am kind of a confidence
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guy. confidence is born of success. you did things well, it is a positive thing. every week does stand on its own, but playing well is a good thing. >> the defense gave up 422 yards yesterday against oakland. when it really matter, the ravens had some serious defense. paul kruger played like the ravens hoped he would yesterday. the ravens defense, with both mannings still on the schedule ahead. >> just a couple of plays that was out there, but the offense was playing good, which we needed that.
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defensively we were playing well, too. there's nothing that really cost us. >> maryland has made the first impact of the season. 12 rebounds in maryland's loss to kentucky in the season opener. terps play at comcast center tonight against morgan state. >> they came within three points of kentucky. >> stay with us for another look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> conditions as the inspector calls unhealthy and unsafe.
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>> barry simms has a preview. >> the tenants wanted to get their money back so they could possibly find a better place. >> the shelter and with both promises and problems. >> they said it would be carpeted, washers and dryers, two bathrooms, when there is only one bathroom you can actually use. >> less than a month after moving in, the tenants were forced to move out. coming up tonight at 11:00, what city inspectors found. and what happened when we approached the man running the
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and some rain coming in, a cold front, a drop in temperatures. a nice, cool november forecast. showers on the eastern shore on friday and another batch of rain toward the end of the weekend. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. we will see you back here at 11:00.
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